Shun Hing Electric Service Centre is authorized to provide a excellent full range of integrated pre-sales / after-sales services covering installation, maintenance, repair, and supply of parts and accessories, etc., to renowned brands of products, and backed up by the original manufacturers in technical training and support. Products include audio-visual products, home appliances, office automation, computers, communication and professional equipment, beauty and wellness products which are handled by different technical departments.

Renowned brand names include:
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Repair services can be classified into three categories: on-site service, workshop service and carry-in service. On-site repair and maintenance services are provided by professional technicians to ensure service completion in the first visit. Customers include households, commercial companies, government departments, and non-government organizations. Products that cannot be repaired on-site are collected to workshop in Kwai Chung headquarter for detailed inspection and repair. Transportation service is provided by highly efficient fleet of Shun Hing Logistics Company Limited. For convenience, customer may also carry in their products to the nearby customer service centres or service stations for repair service.

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Our well-trained hotline staff provide customers a professional one-stop service in a courteous, friendly, prompt and effective manner. When a customer calls for on-site service, service appointment can be completed shortly if the product has already registered in our system. That includes recording the symptom, customer instructions and assigning an appointment time. Customer can also make an online service appointment.

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With the commitment of “Total Product Care”, we offer various Maintenance/ Extended Warranty Schemes for customers at a reasonable annual charge.

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Shun Hing Electric Service Centre supplies the full range of spare parts and accessories for over 100 types of products being marketed by Shun Hing Group sales companies. 25,000 square feet spare parts warehouse in Kwai Chung headquarter contains over 400,000 consumables/ accessories under more than 30,000 categories. Customers can call Consumables/ Accessories Sales Hotline (2406 5666) for enquiry and order, and then pay and pick-up at Shun Hing Electric Service Centre’s customer service centres or service stations. To enhance the convenience of customer experience, customers can also purchase the accessories/ consumables from eShop and then pick-up at Shun Hing Electric Service Centre’s customer service centres/ service stations or service points of the logistics company. (Note: In order to ensure the safety of electrical products, service parts are only for sale on limited conditions. Customers are required to meet the qualification assessment and the recognition of the government's Electrical & Mechanical Services Department (EMSD).

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Beside repair and maintenance services, installation projects are also undertaken by Shun Hing Electric Service Centre for: -

  • Window type/ Split type Air Conditioners
  • Window type/ Ceiling mount Thermo Ventilators
  • Washer
  • Private Branch Exchange (PBX) Telephone Systems
  • Satellite Master Antenna Television (SMATV)
  • Public Address (PA) Systems
  • Communal Aerial Broadcast Distribution (CABD) Systems
  • Closed-circuit Video Equipment (CCVE)/ Closed-circuit Television (CCTV) Systems
  • Doorphone Intercom Systems
  • Computer & Network Infrastructure Projects
  • Multi-media & Information System
  • Multi-media & Video Projection System
  • Electricity Supply System
  • Building Facilities
  • EV Charging Installation Service
  • Wireless Display System