Online repair booking is only applicable for specific large electrical appliances. Each repair order is only booked for one unit of electrical appliance.


For follow-up visit schedule after the on-site inspection (e.g. the appointment date for parts replacement, water pipe cleaning of air conditioner, workshop repair arrangement etc), please fill the enquiry form at Contact Us .


If your appliance category is not on the form (e.g. Office Automation、 Projector、Cold Chain、Age Free Product) or you would like to book an air conditioner cleaning service, sighting/ installation service, please fill the information under the page of Contact Us. Small electrical appliances (eg rice cooker, electric fan ) should be hand-carried to our Customer Service Center for service.


The reasons of why Air-Conditioners water dripping


The resonas of why the Air Conditioners making noisy


The resonas of why the Air Conditioners smells bad


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Remarks: The On-site Service fee will be charged for out of warranty repair service or the customer fails to provide the valid warranty / maintenance document

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