Extra-care Scaffolding Supporting Plan
4 September 2022

「Extra-care」Scaffolding Supporting Plan










Enjoy 「Extra Care」 Scaffolding Supporting Plan with purchasing Panasonic Split Type air-conditioner  (including Split Type Air-Conditioner, Window Split Type Air Conditioner or Multi Split Type Air-Conditioner ). During the 1-year warranty period, you may enjoy up to 2 scaffolding services and declare twice/2 scaffolding cost per year. The maximum scaffolding declaration cost will be HK$3,000 (each time) and the declaration amount can be up to HK$6,000 (per year). (Only applicable to Air-Conditioner repair service) Moreover, you may choose Early Bird Maintenance Plan + 「Extra Care」 Scaffolding Supporting Plan to enjoy more discount, which extend the warranty period to 2 years and enjoy up to 2 scaffolding services (per year / every 12 months). For more details please click here to visit 「Extra Care」 Scaffolding Supporting Plan.


Remark: You must join this plan within 60 days of purchasing Panasonic Split Type air-conditioner.


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